Are you looking for a material that is both high-performance and environmentally friendly to build or insulate your home?

Hemp block walls offer exceptional energy performance, while creating a healthy and warm atmosphere in the living area. Both thermal and acoustic insulators and moisture regulators, hemp blocks offer you unequalled living comfort.

Insulate and build with hemp blocks

A true green brick, the hemp block is a versatile material that acts both as a building block and insulation. A building constructed from hemp blocks, without an additional insulating layer, already meets the low-energy standard. To achieve even higher performance (very low energy; passive house) or to insulate an existing house, the first masonry is doubled with a layer of thinner blocks.

"The shell of a concrete house always gives an impression of coldness. Here, hemp blocks immediately provide a pleasant feeling. The walls have good acoustic properties, they do not resonate. The blocks are plastered, but they allow steam to escape." Gerriet Hiemstra | Nederland

The guarantee of a successful insulation

Hemp blocks have exceptional insulation qualities: while many insulations only protect against the cold, hemp blocks maintain a constant temperature in summer and winter (thermal resistance of 1 to 5m2K/W). They are breathable, allow water vapour to escape and naturally regulate humidity, a major advantage for successful insulation: no risk of condensation or moisture pockets. They are therefore the insulation par excellence for old buildings, protecting their envelope, and can be used to insulate any type of wall (concrete, wood, etc.), whether the walls are dry or damp.

Their honeycombed structure also offers significant acoustic insulation (-44DB): the hemp blocks therefore protect against interior and exterior noise pollution. All of this contributes to a feeling of great comfort, which is often highlighted by the inhabitants.


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A 100% green material

Conventional building materials often have a significant environmental impact (concrete alone emits 8% of the world's CO2). The hemp block, on the other hand, offers a 100% green balance sheet: during its growth, the hemp plant captures a large quantity of CO2. Every cubic metre of this material saves 75 kilos of CO2 on a long-term basis.  


A 100% safe material

Another advantage of hemp blocks is that they are very resistant in case of fire. Their composition (hemp + lime) makes them very fireproof, unlike some plastic-based insulators which can give off toxic fumes in case of strong heat.

Which load-bearing structure for my ecological house?

Hemp blocks are compatible with all building systems. For a 100% ecological construction, we recommend the Hempro system, a turnkey system easy to implement by your contractor, or by yourself in self-construction. It is also possible to combine hemp block walls with a timber frame, a column-and-beam system or a traditional construction. The hemp blocks will provide the insulating envelope of the building, guaranteeing high quality energy performance.

A 100% ecological house with incomparable comfort

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