The owner of Domaine Mouressipe, in the Gard region of France, wanted to build a wine warehouse in line with his production of natural wine that respects the environment and the finished product from A to Z.

He was therefore looking for a natural material that was easy to install, as the project had to be carried out by the vineyard team themselves during the calm period of the year.

He already knew hempcrete cast in place from a personal project. In IsoHemp's professional hemp blocks, he found the ideal solution to meet all his needs.


The 20cm thick IsoHemp hemp block is connected to a wooden frame and placed on a rot-proof foundation block to protect it from the inevitable splashing during wine production. The hemp block fills the wooden frame and provides both thermal insulation and the inertia needed for cooling in summer. The wall was supplemented on the outside with additional insulation and ventilated wooden cladding, which was also left natural.

Thanks to the simplicity of the installation, the whole team was able to assemble the hemp-block walls on time. A lime finish on the inside completes the whole in a very simple way, while still providing plenty of light in the room.


Year of construction: 2017

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