Why is it preferable to use hemp blocks for inner insulation ?

  • Stop the cold coming through the walls by eliminating thermal bridges and potential condensation problems (dew points)
  • Moisture regulation between old /new materials
  • Benefit from upright surface for interior plaster (straighten uneven walls)
  • Attach technical ducts 
  • Create strong acoustic insulation
  • Maintain thermal mass inside
  • Attach cabinets, sinks and decorative objects

Hempcrete blocks can be used in most interior renovation projects such as:

  • Listed facades
  • Adding a layer to rubble masonry or stone, brick, mud brick walls…

Why choose IsoHemp hemp blocks as an inner wall?

1.Moisture regulation: When renovating, we recommend to use breathable materials that are resistant to condensation and do not release any volatile organic compounds. Hempcrete blocks sustain the existing building and regulate the moisture in the air on a continuous basis thanks to a breathable wall that is permeable for water vapour. The blocks are placed as a second lining to the interior wall and allows, among other things, to isolate old brick / stone walls or damp walls. It is one of the only products that retains its insulating properties even in a very moist environment. Wooden floors are protected from condensation.

2.Efficient thermal insulation: In winter as in summer, you want to maintain a constant and pleasant temperature in your building. The hempcrete block meets this need by naturally regulating the temperature of your house thanks to its capacity to diffuse accumulated heat. Its great inertia protects against cold in winter and hot in summer.

3.Fire resistance: Non-flammable and fire-resistant, hemp blocks provide a fire resistance for 1 to 3 hours depending on the width of the block.

4.Important acoustic insulation: Noise pollution is greatly reduced thanks to the specific characteristics of the product.

5.Quick installation and straight walls: Their size and easy installation allow a quick implementation of IsoHemp hempcrete blocks on site. The inner walls allow you to correct uneven walls strong enough to hang heavy objects such as a sink, a cabinet ...

6.A guaranteed healthy and natural product: IsoHemp hempcrete blocks are composed of 100% natural raw materials that do not release any harmful compounds.

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