Positioning the hemp block on the inside, not only permits insulated lining, but also simplifies the positioning of the service ducts and decorative elements. Moreover, this masonry obviates the need for installation of a vapour barrier because its role is fulfilled by the interior render.

Exterior hemp blocks are an excellent substrate for finishes and attachment of other elements (gutters, basketball hoop, light, etc.) while preventing overheating in the summer.

For an optimal result, an inner and outer lining is recommended.

The advantages of hemp blocks in a timber framework construction

  • Significantly improved acoustics
  • Prevention of overheating in summer
  • Simple penetration of service ducts
  • Large choice of finishes

 Build in timber framework and hemp blocks: thermal performances to meet your requirements

This construction technique makes it possible to achieve very high energy performances, ranging from low-energy buildings to passive buildings without difficulty.

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