Adhesive mortar : natural adhesive for hempcrete blocks

IsoHemp adhesive mortar has been specially developed for building with hempcrete blocks indoors and outdoors. 

It is a limestone-based mortar that can be used instead of traditional mortar. The application is done in a thin joint of about 3 mm using a mortar comb or a special trowel.

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Lintels : for all wall openings

IsoHemp lintels are prefabricated lintels made of hempcrete reinforced with a concrete core. 

Used for door and window openings in hempcrete block masonry, they are ideally suited for new builds and interior or exterior renovations. They make it possible to eliminate thermal bridges and to help achieve an all-round and continuous insulation. The IsoHemp lintels are available in width of 9cm, 12cm, 15cm, 20cm, 30cm and various lengths.

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Brackets : bridging an opening

The use of brackets is recommended to hold hempcrete blocks in place above window and door openings when you don't want to use an IsoHemp lintel. 

This solution is preferred in interior renovation mainly when the space to insulate above the opening is small and there are only a few rows of blocks to set. The bracket can also be used as a connector between two long, thin lintels, as well as for distributing and bearing loads in some circumstances.

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Angle bars : masonry basics

For some cases we recommended using angle bars when you place the first row of hempcrete blocks. 

This solution is preferred for outdoor insulation as an alternative to using substructures (of silico-limestone, cellular glass, etc.) when there is no adequate foundation. They can also be used for new builds to support suspended hempcrete block masonry. In general, the angle irons can sometimes be used as lintels or as a connector between two long, very thick lintels.

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Fasteners :


We recommend using fastening pegs to fix hemp blocks to a load-bearing structure such as concrete masonry, terracotta, bricks, etc. The peg is driven into in the existing wall and embedded into the IsoHemp hempcrete blocks' masonry joint. The galvanized wire pegs are 3.5mm thick.

Connector brackets

We recommend using brackets as mechanical connectors between the hempcrete blocks and the existing structure. They connect them to the frame (frame and reinforcing beams) and can be used for interior and exterior insulation equally.

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