Advantages of column-beam structures


Building a house with columns-beams, whether made of wood, steel or concrete, guarantees a comfortable building and great energy efficiency. The major advantages of a wooden construction include :

  • speed of implementation of the column-beam structure
  • architectural diversity and adaptability of the created spaces
  • large spans offering the possibility of wide openings


Hemp blocks: for which types of columns-beams constructions?


Hemp blocks for concrete columns-beams construction

With the Hempro system from IsoHemp, there’s no need for any other insulating materials. Build the whole building solely with hemp blocks, thanks to a full and extensive range. For a homogenous construction that benefits from all the hemp qualities…

The Hempro system for a 100% hemp building

The Hempro system comprises two types of hemp block of 30 cm thickness: solid blocks and machined blocks (holed blocks and U-blocks). Located in the building envelope, the machined blocks serve as the insulating lost formwork for the structural frame made from the reinforced concrete poured into it.

The holed blocks constitute the formwork for the columns, while the U-blocks allow the beams to be poured that subsequently support the floor and roof.

From single-family homes to buildings passing by the eco-neighbourhood, you can easily build low-energy, very low-energy or passive buildings.

Simple and fast construction ; Natural product


Hempro system constructions, many advantages

  • Breathable and homogeneous envelope
  • High insulation value with reduced thickness
  • Rapid and traditional implementation
  • Excellent price/performance ratio Homogenous wall

Building with the Hempro system: thermal performance to meet your requirement 

The standard wall of the Hempro system is made with a 30 cm or 36 cm thick IsoHemp hemp block. To achieve even higher thermal performance, a lining with a second hemp block masonry in different thicknesses can be considered.

Hemp blocks for metal structure constructions

Metallic structures, primarily used for industrial buildings and apartments are becoming more and more widespread in single and multiple-occupancy dwellings. 

The hemp blocks form a complete and homogeneous envelope around the metallic structure in which bay openings for doors and windows are implemented.
This construction solution ensures the erection of a high-performance building benefiting from a fully breathable, insulating and homogeneous envelope.


Construction rapide avec avantage économique



Advantages of hemp blocks in a metal structure construction :


  • Speed of implementation and controlled constructive nodes
  • Thermal and acoustic performance of the building
  • Fire protection of the structure







Build in metal structure and hemp blocks: thermal performance to meet your requirements.


This construction technique makes it possible to achieve very high energy performances, ranging from low-energy buildings to passive buildings without difficulty.

Hemp blocks for timber columns-beams constructions

The wooden structure offers a sustainable, resource-efficient and easy-to-build construction. Used for industrial, office or residential projects, the timber column-beam system makes it possible to build large buildings with reasonable budgets. Some projects combine concrete, wood and steel to benefit from the advantages of these different materials.


The association between the timber frame and the hemp blocks occurs naturally by filling in the spaces between the columns using blockwork thus creating a complete, insulating and homogeneous envelope.


Fast construction with economic advantage


The advantages of hemp blocks in a timber column-beams construction:

  • Sustainable and 100% environmental design
  • Lightweight construction with good thermal inertia
  • Ideal for annexes and self-builds
  • Breathable and homogeneous envelope


Build with timber columns-beams and hemp blocks: thermal performance to meet your requirements.


This construction technique makes it possible to achieve very high energy performances, ranging from low-energy buildings to passive buildings without difficulty.

Discover other possible construction systems with hemp blocks:

Construction with the Hempro system

The construction of a sustainable and efficient building made of hemp blocks has never been simpler : with a single insulating material, build your custom-made project. This results in a homogeneous construction that benefits from all the qualities of the product: thermal and acoustic insulation, fire resistance and water vapour resistance.

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Construction with wood

Whether in timber framework or lightweight frame, hemp blocks can be used to make the envelopes for all wooden building systems. True allies of the comfort of wooden houses, hemp blocks compensate for their low thermal inertia by storing and redistributing heat during temperature variations.

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Construction with load-bearing masonry

In double masonry, the hemp blocks are adapted to envelope the load-bearing masonry made of concrete, terracotta, aerated concrete or silico-calcareous materials. Hemp blocks guarantee stable insulation performance over time, offer very good support for finishes, simplify technical details and site management.

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Every project is different …

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