Doubling a masonry with hemp blocks (ideally from the outside) makes it possible to create a global insulating envelope for the building by guaranteeing a real durability of the insulation over time: no settling or loss of performance after 10 or 20 years.

To implement this second envelope, all that is necessary is simply to provide for a sufficient projection beyond the foundation slab and roof to protect and start the hemp blockwork.


Durable insulation with natural product


The advantages of hemp blocks in a load-bearing masonry construction :

  • Guaranteed stability and durability over time
  • Traditional design

  • Excellent substrate for renders and cladding panels

  • Single trade – masonry

Build with load-bearing masonry and hemp blocks: thermal performance to meet your requirements. 

This construction technique makes it possible to achieve very high energy performances, ranging from low-energy buildings to passive buildings without difficulty. 

Discover other possible construction systems with hemp blocks :

Construction with the Hempro system

The construction of a sustainable and efficient building made of hemp blocks has never been simpler : with a single insulating material, build your custom-made project. This results in a homogeneous construction that benefits from all the qualities of the product: thermal and acoustic insulation, fire resistance and water vapour resistance.

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Construction with the column-beam system

Whether the load-bearing structure in column-beam systems is made of wood, steel or concrete, hemp blocks can be used to create insulating and breathable single walls that do not require the use of any other insulating material.

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Construction with wood

Whether in timber framework or lightweight frame, hemp blocks can be used to make the envelopes for all wooden building systems. True allies of the comfort of wooden houses, hemp blocks compensate for their low thermal inertia by storing and redistributing heat during temperature variations.

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Every project is different …

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