Your extension made of hemp blocks : numerous advantages

  • Easy and quick solution to implement
  • Great building inertia to naturally regulate the temperature
  • Living comfort in any season
  • New living space  pleasant to live in and healthy
  • Good acoustic insulation
  • Natural and effective insulation
  • Architectural versatility

Natural insulation with thermal regulation


    Load-bearing block and wood construction

    Hemp blocks can easily be adapted to the construction system you choose for your extension

    Thanks to the IsoHemp hemp blocks' great flexibility you are free to choose any construction system : 

    Find out why hempcrete blocks are also an ideal solution for :

    Interior insulation for renovations

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    Exterior insulation for renovations

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    Every project is different …

    Contact us to find out which solution would be most suitable for your building ! Our team is available to advise you and help you find the ideal solution

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