In an idyllic setting in Hautes Alpes, Mrs Dubois approached the architect Thomas Bommelaer, based in Mont Dauphin, to help her with her new building project.

Mrs Dubois wanted a wooden structure, using ecological materials, but she wanted to avoid the stereotype of the mountain chalet with wooden cladding.

Mr Bommelaer, the project's architect, pointed her towards IsoHemp hemp blocks, which he had recently discovered.


The solution chosen was to install 20 cm blocks on the external façade, anchored in the wooden frame. The joinery was installed in the wooden panels integrated into the structure, allowing a BSO cabinet to be integrated into the exposed façade.


The interior fittings (partitions) are made of hemp blocks 9 cm thick, which will also be used in certain places to complete the insulation and enclose the technical elements between the two hemp walls.

The interior finishing with clay and lime will be carried out by the client, who wished to carry out a large part of her project herself, apart from the structural part.


Architect: Thomas Bommelaer

Builder: Private

Year of construction: 2021

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