To provide a partition wall between living units and to insulate them thermally and/or acoustically, there are several possible systems, depending on whether the wall also has to support a floor or not. Load-bearing walls are built using conventional masonry or using load-bearing walls elements that are then lined with hemp blocks that have a certain separation from the load-bearing wall. The gap will be filled with flexible mineral wool insulation to ensure an optimum acoustic outcome. Non-load-bearing walls are built as double masonry walls of hemp blocks separated by flexible insulating mineral wool. The two walls are held together by fastenings embedded in the masonry joints.

Advantages of hempcrete blocks for interior walls for homes in multiple occupation

IsoHemp hempcrete blocks allow you to build walls and achieve 5 features using one product :

  • Thermal insulation between living spaces and unheated rooms

  • high acoustic insulation between the different apartments

  • Regulation and resistance to moisture in toilet and bathrooms

  • Fire separation between dwellings (1 to 2 hours or more depending on the blocks used)

  • Light and resistant masonry.

Build interior walls in hemp blocks : performance to meet your requirements

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Every project is different …

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