In Opwijk, the primary school De Leertrommel embarked on a pioneering project by becoming the first school in Flanders to incorporate 30 cm hemp blocks into its interior renovation. This initiative is part of a firm commitment to sustainability, focusing on the well-being of children and eco-responsibility.

Under the guidance of Ark Architecten, the institution's interior spaces were transformed in 2022 through the use of hemp blocks, which promote natural thermal and moisture regulation. This innovation not only ensures superior acoustic insulation, conducive to the learning environment, but also fire resistance, safeguarding student safety.

The renovation of De Leertrommel with 100% natural and bio-based materials reaffirms the educational community's commitment to optimal living comfort for children, while considering the building's lifespan. The footprint of this project stands as an inspiring testament to the fusion of educational innovation and environmental awareness.

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