This project, located in Haute-Savoie (France), is a renovation of an old typical barn in molasse stone that was in a bad shape. 

The owners decided to only keep 2 old walls, and they redid the roof and others walls in the respect of the old buidlding. For example, they redid the openings, the frames and the porches in carved stone.

Every walls, old or new, are doubled with 9 or 15 cm-thick hemp blocks.

Advised by their architect and having themselves noticed the comfort of a hemp construction, they decided to carry out their project with this material. Of course, they also wanted a material that allows the old walls to breathe. Hesitating between the panel solution and the block, they finally chose the hemp blocks because it was easier for the contractor to implement them, given his very small team.

The owners were very happy with the result and during the construction phase, they could already feel the positive impacts of the isulation brought by the hemp blocks. The finished rooms were at tempered temperature, even without heating.

The walls will be plastered with PCS.

  • Year : 2018 - ...

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