Hemp blocks: the answer to many technical challenges

 The IsoHemp hemp block is particularly suitable for the construction of residential houses , the doubling of existing walls from the inside or from the outside, as well as industrial partitioning and apartments.

  • It allows you to achieve low-energy, very low-energy and passive house standards.

  • They are technically approved and have all the necessary certifications in compliance with current European regulations.


Solid blocks in different thicknesses: 7.5cm, 9cm, 12cm, 15cm, 20cm, 25cm, 30cm, 36cm

Machined blocks: holed blocks and U-blocks in thicknesses of 30 and 36cm

Check our technical sheets for more information about our blocks.

5 major advantages of the hemp block for your project 

Thermal regulation

The hemp block naturally regulates the temperature of the building thanks to its excellent ability to diffuse the accumulated heat. This high inertia insulating block protects:

  • cold in winter by keeping the heat in the house longer 
  • hot in summer by avoiding overheating of the habitat.

As a real thermal buffer, it maintains a constant indoor temperature and significantly reduces the impact of heat variations between day and night.


Humidity regulation

Thanks to its high permeability to water vapour, the hemp block acts as a water buffer and offer a constant and healthy indoor climate for the occupants. The relative humidity level is thus stabilised (from 50% to 55%). Its uses:

  • Renovation and insulation of old buildings, old brick or damp walls
  • Interior renovation to insulate walls on which wooden floors are resting, prevent  any condensation issues in the transition areas between materials to guarantee the excellent conservation of the building
  • Humidity regulation in commercial projects where humidity variations are high: archive rooms, museums, sports halls, swimming pools ...

    Acoustic Insulation

    Whether IsoHemp hemp blocks are used for your walls or interior partitions, external and ambient noise will be significantly reduced. In terms of sound insulation, the hemp block acts as a real sound trap and helps to dampen the majority of sound waves, protecting you from noise pollution. 


    Protection and fire resistance 

    The IsoHemp hemp block complies with current standards and provides a simple and effective solution to your site problems, both for industrial or collective buildings (nurseries, schools...) and residential homes. With an excellent reaction to fire (class B-s1 d0), it offers up to more than 2 hours of fire resistance depending on the finish and thickness of the block used. 


    A 100% natural solution:

    The hemp block meets the strictest requirements of sustainable development: it is manufactured according to a very low energy-consuming process, using 100% natural materials (limestone and hemp) that are sourced locally. A very positive carbon footprint, since a pallet of IsoHemp hemp blocks stores 100kg of CO².

    Building with hempcrete blocks

    IsoHemp hemp blocks are laid like traditional cross-jointed masonry. They are bonded in thin 3 mm joints with IsoHemp adhesive mortar specially adapted to their quick installation. Large in size but lightweight, they allow easy application on site. You can find more information in our IsoHemp hemp block implementation guide or during one of our training sessions.

    You can also find practical tutorial videos on our YouTube channel to guide you through the application of hemp blocks.

    These are all the uses for hempcrete blocks

    IsoHemp hempcrete blocks can be used as a second wall, filling masonry or for partitioning. Both in new builds and renovation, it provides solutions for all circumstances :

    Finishing options

    For a smooth, white, economical surface ready to be painted chose the natural IsoHemp PCS coating for indoors. Limestone and clay plasters are also perfectly suitable. For outside, mineral plaster and all types of cladding can be applied directly to the blocks. Double masonry (with bricks, country stone, etc.) is possible using a mechanical tie.


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