New building made of hemp blocks. Construction of an industrial building intended to become the future Luxroutage logistics centre.

New construction of an industrial building resulting from the collaboration between IsoHemp SA and Contern SA.  Building made of hemp blocks and load-bearing structure made of concrete blocks. Construction of a masonry in blocks of 30 cm by 25 m wide and 14 m high, separating the heated offices from the storage area. This single masonry allows the two spaces to be thermally and acoustically insulated and complies with fire regulations. The masonry was coated on one side and spray painted on the other for optimal sound absorption.

The combination of concrete and hemp blocks to offer an efficient and innovative constructive solution for the future Luxroutage logistics centre.

Architect : Colette Boever
Site Manager : Kuhn Construction SA
Year of implementation : 2018

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