Architectural office: NOTAN Office

Location: Waterloo, BE

Number of years: 2019


The special feature of this real estate development project was that the houses had no straight walls and a multitude of different materials, which were the result of the changes that had taken place over the years. It was therefore necessary to find an insulating material that was strong enough to surround the building and thus modernise it.


The IsoHemp hemp block was the only technical possibility in this project to achieve all the architectural objectives set and to meet the specific constraints of the building.

The project consists of the division of the villa into two semi-detached single-family houses. The building retains the entire floor of the existing villa and closes the two notches in the facade in order to obtain a more compact volume and a better readability of the facade. Only the gables of the roof are straightened to make the upper floor more comfortable to live in.


The thatch is completely removed and replaced by a new roof attached to the existing structure. Finished with grey slates, under this new roof are the bedrooms of the two new houses.

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