Advantages of hemp blocks to insulate floors

  • Excellent compressive strength (15 T/m2)

  • Fast installation and efficiency over time that appeal to many architects/designers

  • High technical flexibility like the option of underfloor heating, insertion of ducts in the screed ...

  • Easy and fast cutting

  • Laying insulation for an entire building in just a few hours. Simply lay the blocks in staggered rows on the floor and then add a layer of reinforced screed (minimum 6 cm thick). Result? A floor insulation without any settling over time and with a real insulating adhesive / screed !

There are two ways to insulate a floor using hempcrete blocks 

  • Tile – Block – Screed

  • Drainage bed – Stabiliser – Block – Screed



Insulate floors with hemp blocks: thermal performance to meet your requirements

This insulation technique makes it possible to achieve very high energy performances without any settling over time.


Find out why hempcrete blocks are also an ideal solution for :

Insulation of flat roofs

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Every project is different …

Contact us to find out which solution would be most suitable for your building ! All informations are available in our technical data sheets.

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