PCS is an economical, durable and superior solution. The interior plaster is a well-judged mix of natural plaster, limestone and sand. Ideal to coat your walls and ceilings both for renovations and new builds!

A healthy and high quality coating for your inner walls

PCS interior plaster combines the easy application of natural plaster with the benefits of limestone, such as the natural moisture regulation of the living space in your home.

Benefits of the PCS interior plaster

  • Comfortable and quality interior atmosphere
  • Healthy, natural, durable and economical product
  • Easy construction
  • The surface is white, smooth and ready to paint
  • Breathable coating

What type of application does the PCS interior plaster have ?

PCS is suitable for most interior walls and ceilings. It can be applied manually or mechanically in 1 or 2 layers on various types of rough and absorbent bases such as :

  • IsoHemp hempcrete blocks
  • Concrete blocks, trellis
  • Aerated blocks
  • Terracotta blocks and bricks

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