New construction of 10 houses divided into 4 units as part of a real estate development project on the upper Forzée, near Chevetogne.

Constructed with a timber frame, the building envelope is made of hempcrete blocks using a 20 cm thick double masonry block. The clients want to achieve a high energy performance and the 20cm blocks allowed an easy implementation on the timber columns-beams structure. With a total thickness of 40cm, this insulating and breathable envelope makes it possible to meet very low energy standards.

The floor insulation will also be made of 30 cm thick hempcrete blocks, to provide a good inertia and maximize the efficiency of the underfloor heating.

In a desire to be integrated into the landscape, the houses were embedded in the slope in order to limit their impact on the unique panorama.


Architect : Hervé Barbeaux from A-lien Architectes
Site Manager : Patrick Préat
Year of implementation : on going

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