As a distributor, you are committed to selecting and selling materials that are both high-performance and safe...

By opting for hemp blocks, you guarantee your customers flawless insulation and easy implementation, while reducing the ecological footprint of the work as much as possible.


A simple and light solution, easy to implement

Hemp block is an innovative material in terms of energy performance, corresponding to a growing demand from construction customers. However, its industrial form in a block form makes it possible to use it in a very classical way, whether for construction or insulation of existing buildings. The lightness of the material simplifies the process and allows greater speed on the building site.


A five-in-one solution for an insulating envelope

As a sensitive element of a building, insulation is the great strength of hemp block projects. The blocks are also breathable and regulate humidity, unlike other insulating materials that require the installation of a vapour barrier.  To achieve even higher energy performance (very low-energy or passive house), the walls can be reinforced with a second layer of thinner blocks.

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Hemp blocks, a safe material for workers

The blocks are made from 100% natural materials (hemp, lime and water): no special precautions are required when handling them, as they do not pose any health risks. Fire-resistant, the blocks do not give off toxic fumes when in contact with a heat source. Isohemp is the assurance of a serene construction site.


Isohemp guides you

If you have any questions when making your quotations or thinking about your customers' projects, Isohemp's technical sales team is at your service. Your dedicated advisor will be present to answer all your questions and accompany your customers right up to the implementation on their construction sites.

A safe, light and easy to implement material

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Training sessions

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Tips and tricks - Tutorials

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Technical documentation


Our technical advisers are at your disposal to answer your questions and advise you during implementation.

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