For new builds as well as for renovations you should build your interior walls with IsoHemp hempcrete blocks. The partitions are customisable to any situation and meet your individual partition constraints. Build walls or separate rooms with our hempcrete blocks to ensure light-weight, simple solutions with acoustic insulation.

Advantages of hempcrete blocks for partitions in residential properties

IsoHemp hempcrete blocks are perfect for partition walls inside a dwelling and optimise comfort for the inhabitants.

Thanks to their thermal and acoustic insulating efficiency, hempcrete blocks can be used to create walls between dry living space and bath rooms or to separate heated and unheated spaces.

From a practical point of view, it is enough to build the block wall, to make holes for any necessary ducts to pass through and to coat for a perfect finish.

If you use the thinner of the blocks available (9 and 12 cm) that are specially made for partition walls, you lose a minimum of interior space while keeping all their advantages.

Their light weight, between 50 and 70 kg / m², allows you to place your walls on weak floors.

Many types of finishes can be used on hempcrete block partitions: IsoHemp natural indoor ceiling or PCS (a natural and healthy product based on natural plaster, limestone and sand), clay, limestone or plaster provided that these products allow the hempcrete blocks to keep their technical properties.

Advantages of hempcrete blocks for partitions in residential homes

  • Healthy and natural product
  • Significant thermal mass and therefore comfortable in any season
  • Optimum acoustic insulation
  • Good humidity control
  • A basis for all types of finishes (plaster, tiles, woodwork, stones ...) and affixing objects (kitchen furniture, WC ...) directly into the wall

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Every project is different …

Contact us to find out which solution would be most suitable for your building ! You can also access all information in our fact sheets.  

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