You can also use hempcrete blocks as masonry filler. They are ideally suited for insulating and fireproof partition walls, both in renovations and new constructions.

Thermal insulation and Acoustic insulation

Advantages of using hempcrete blocks for partition walls

Perfect for use between offices and storage space / factory, as a second layer for concrete walls or large technical barriers, these walls achieve the following functions:

  • thermal insulation
  • acoustic insulation
  • regulation and resistance to moisture
  • firewall.

Advantages of hempcrete blocks for very thin masonry

For very thin masonry, factory-produced blocks reinforce walls and adapt to any configuration. A reinforced concrete beam is inserted into the masonry of hempcrete blocks using formwork. The objective being to lay floor boards, or simply thin the masonry.

Find out why hempcrete blocks are also an ideal solution for :

Inner walls for homes in multiple occupation

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Partitions for residential properties

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