Buildings and renovations from the past no longer meet current standards.
Energy renovation is a necessity; 2030 is just around the corner !



As an architect, your expertise in selecting construction materials is essential...

How to make the right technical choices ? You have the power to accelerate the movement.

  • Insulating our homes is obvious. But isn't insulating with petro-sourced materials only doing half the job? On the contrary, choosing bio-sourced, recyclable, and/or circular materials with durability extending over several decades is perfectly suited to current and future standards. 

  • Working with a range of products adapted and without stylistic constraints for all your construction and renovation projects.
  • Offering, as an architect, a unique added value to countless families facing challenges that you can solve with hemp blocks.
  • Acquiring new knowledge about future materials and staying ahead of tomorrow's needs.


Solutions exist, they are within your reach...

Hemp block, a simple and quick solution to implement.

What if a single block could provide :
+ Excellent insulation in both winter and summer
+ Impressive thermal comfort
+ A 100% sustainable and recyclable product
+ Pleasant and serene acoustic comfort
+ Simplified designs by avoiding complex and costly systems
+ Reduced hassles as walls are breathable
+ Carbon emissions reduction (each house durably stores 5 tons of CO²)
+ Fire resistance
+ All of this is easy and quick to implement on-site

These qualities make hemp blocks an ideal product for all your projects, whether in renovation or new construction. 

" I've encountered in my professional career nearly every type of insulation, from wool (glass, rock, wood, hemp) to expanded or extruded foam (EPS, XPS, PIR, PUR, ...) or even cellular glass, etc... There is no insulating material that offers the same combined performance as hempcrete." - Eric Perrot

" We were immediately drawn to this material. It tells a different story than petrochemical-based insulators. It's in line with our approach to minimize our carbon footprint." - Pascal Dumont.



Infuse a fresh momentum into your projects and benefit from personalized support

To explore in more detail how hemp blocks can transform your projects, we suggest scheduling an individual appointment with one of our experts. Whether you prefer a visit from our team to your offices or you'd like to attend one of our upcoming events at IsoHemp, we adapt to your preferences to offer you a tailor-made experience.

During this meeting, you can discuss your specific projects, explore our range of products, and engage with our team of passionate experts.

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IsoHemp is more than just a hemp block, it's a solution for any project.

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To learn

+ The material and its applications
+ Implementation experts
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To design

+ Feasibility study
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On the way to 2030, we have no more time to waste.

To bring my projects to life and meet the challenges of the construction sector

Why choose IsoHemp and become a player of tomorrow?


+ CHOOSING EXPERTISE // It's also betting on 12 years of innovation, an R&D center, and a training center. And choosing a unique factory in the world to ensure quality, productivity, and process reliability.

+ CHOOSING RELIABILITY // We offer certified and proven natural materials that meet current and future standards. It's also choosing simple implementation without any exposure to toxic products.

+ CHOOSING SUSTAINABILITY // We don't compromise on durability: eco-designed factory, zero emissions, and zero waste.



+ CHOOSING PROXIMITY // We're not just suppliers; we're close partners who listen to architects, contractors, engineers, economists, distributors,... a true ecosystem that supports each other to become actors of tomorrow's construction.

+ CHOOSING HEALTH // Our products ensure an interior as healthy as it is comfortable, because we genuinely care about your family's health, your building's health, and the planet's health.



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