The opening of the IsoHemp 2.0 factory represents a major turning point for the eco-construction sector, thanks to its unique technology and its 5-fold production capacity.

What will we remember about this day? Your enthusiasm, your confidence and your desire to move forward with us towards a more sustainable construction.

Indeed, a great number of construction professionals proved to us during this inauguration day that there are many of us who have the ambition to move the lines in our sector, thanks to the exceptional product that is the hemp block.

Diverse and inspiring presentations

This day, reserved for professionals of the sustainable construction sector, was animated by conferences all as rich as the others.

It was a day of diversity, from construction to renovation, from large-scale projects to smaller ones. A diversity that reflects the multiple potentials of hemp blocks.

The morning began with the testimony of Franck Mac Farlane, head of the research and expertise department of Maison & Cités. He took us all on a journey to find alternatives to conventional insulation for the renovation of social housing and explained how hemp blocks perfectly address the problems of thermal inertia, dampness and installation that he was facing before.

He then handed over the microphone to Stéphane Théophile from CD2E, accelerator of eco-transition and Magali Deproost, SPW Sustainable Development Department. Marc Lacrosse, technical director at IsoHemp and Dirk Van Impe, area sales manager, also took the floor to reveal to some or remind others of the incredible technical performance of hemp blocks.

And then came a more personal testimony. The Dutch architect Renate Hermans gave us the experience of building her own house with hemp block.

The rest of the afternoon was just as captivating, as Bruno Deraedt, founder-director of the cooperative BAST architects & engineers, delighted the crowd with his exciting projects and infectious enthusiasm.

The conclusion of this wonderful day of exchange was superbly done by Steven Beckers, accredited cradle-to-cradle architect, who presented his vision of the circular economy and the importance of integrating it in the construction sector. Thanks to this event, to all the participants and speakers, we can definitely say that today many of us are aware of the importance of moving from words to action.

The challenges of the future need not be so great, because together we are strong enough to sweep them away with a single blow.

Couldn't make it and regret missing out on these conferences?

Don't worry! These positive impact messages deserve to be shared, and that's what we'll do in other articles that will follow very soon.

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