The environmental impact of building materials has now become a determining criterion.
Discover, through their life cycle assessment, how IsoHemp hemp blocks can claim a positive carbon footprint.

The energy efficiency of buildings is at the heart of the concerns of all builders and renovation candidates. If indeed the energy efficiency of a building is essential, as well as its technical performance, the quality of indoor air, the ease of implementation of a material ... The environmental impact of materials has now also become a determining criterion.

The building sector and the industry sector are indeed the two sectors that produce the most greenhouse gases after the transport sector.

What is a life cycle assessment ?

The life cycle assessment of a product (LCA) is a method of evaluation that allows the assessment of the environmental impacts of a product over its entire life cycle.

Raw materials, production, construction, use and end of life are all the stages of the product's life cycle that will allow to quantify its environmental impact.

The construction sector at the heart of sustainable development

Today, if the LCA has become a standard tool for analysis and comparison in many European countries, it is because it meets the needs of all professionals in the sector (project owners, architects, design offices, etc.). The construction sector is one of the precursors in this field, and there is no doubt that other sectors will follow in the years to come.

IsoHemp hemp blocks, a positive carbon balance

Our hemp blocks are made of chenevotte and hydraulic and air lime. They present very interesting environmental performances because of the nature of their components and the simplicity of their manufacturing process.

They present a great interest in particular with regard to the global warming, by storing CO² (impact of negative value), mainly via the capture of CO² at the time of the growth of hemp.

In your opinion, how many kg of CO2 are stored in a pallet of IsoHemp blocks?

A pallet of IsoHemp hemp blocks stores 100Kg of CO2! Great environmental performances for a material that has many other advantages.

Find the summary table of the LCA results as requested for the creation of the Environmental Product Declarations (EPD)


You have a construction or renovation project and are certainly looking for a solution without compromise? Take advantage of the many advantages of IsoHemp hemp block walls: a healthy and warm atmosphere, optimal thermal and acoustic insulation, water regulation, fire resistance... not to mention a positive carbon footprint.

Our team is at your disposal to accompany and guide you in your construction or renovation project with hemp blocks.


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