Our design office and technical teams put all their skills at your disposal to assist with your hemp block construction, renovation or expansion projects. To help you from design and specification to the implementation of your projects, we offer various services and personalised support.

Preliminary study and design tips for your hemp block projects

Our engineering team supports your IsoHemp hemp block projects by offering advice and assistance.

With reference to your project, we work together to make the optimal technical choices essential to the success of your project.

Thermal and acoustic comfort, water regulation, fire resistance, stability, controlled costs, implementation quality and regulations in force are all essential points that deserve your full attention.


Our support and advice services are tailored to all types of hemp block construction or renovation: individual houses, apartments, offices, property promotions, government and industrial buildings.

Technical studies and advice

Our design office specialises in studying the feasibility of your IsoHemp hemp block construction or renovation projects.

Our goal is to ensure the stability, thermal, acoustic, hydrological and/ or environmental performance of your project. We assist architects and contractors in calculating building performance while respecting the spirit of the project created by the architect and the owner’s budget.

Studies and technical advices of your projects in hemp blocks

Stability study

We aim to guarantee the building’s stability according to your project requirements and the project owner’s budget control. In collaboration with the architect or contractor, our engineering team calculates all the hemp block structural elements in your project.

Thermal and hydrological study

We aim to guarantee the building’s thermal and hydrological performance according to the standards in force (PEB for Belgium, RT2012 for France, etc.). Good thermal performance is always a key goal and good water regulation is essential to ensure the building’s sustainability. In collaboration with the architect, contractor or project owner, our engineering team optimises and verifies your hemp block insulation, construction or renovation projects.

Environmental study

We aim to support your sustainable construction or renovation project and assist in calculating the environmental impact of your IsoHemp block envelope. Nowadays, the carbon footprint of different building materials is an important factor for everyone. For the public authorities, it’s a decision-making aid for the promoter equivalent to a guarantee and added value.

Would you like to know more about these services?

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