Are you renovating your building? Remember to isolate it properly. The objective should be to consume up to half as much energy! In order to avoid any issues (condensation, sealing, etc.), you must pay particular attention to a good match between existing walls and new materials used. Thanks to IsoHemp hempcrete blocks, the efficient renovation of your building is guaranteed, in terms of moisture regulation and thermal and acoustic insulation. These blocks are made of 100% natural raw materials and will improve your home, your health and our planet.

External insulation and Inner insulation

Hempcrete blocks are also suitable for insulation from the inside, while still guaranteeing the benefits of efficient insulation. 

Thanks to our wide range of hempcrete blocks with varying width, any interior or exterior renovation project is possible. IsoHemp always provides you with a technical solution best suited to you and your home's needs.

Should you insulate from the out or inside ?

The most energy efficient insulation is outer insulation built all-around your building.

Insulate from the outside

Where that's impossible, you should consider interior insulation.

Insulate from the inside

Indoor renovation and outdoor renovation

Why efficient insulation is important

A significant energy saver

Adding an insulating layer to your house means real energy savings and is therefore economical. No more loss of heat! However, be careful to let your home breathe due to the risk of moisture, condensation, mould ...

An airtight house

A comfortable and energy-efficient house must be well insulated but also airtight. In fact, homes that are not airtight can lose up to 25% of energy through cracks and gaps often invisible to the naked eye. These hotspots let the cold air in, at the expense of hot air. That leads to - sometimes substantial - losses of energy and heat. A good seal combined with an effective thermal layer – of blocks of hemp - will provide you with greater comfort in your home.

Thermal comfort for your everyday life

The thermal insulation through hempcrete blocks will give you a feeling of warmth in winter and freshness in summer, guaranteeing very low temperature variation throughout the year. You can avoid thermal bridges and air coming in.

Are you an architect, developer, entrepreneur or private individual ?

We will support you with your sustainable, efficient project, while guaranteeing professional and budget insulation. 

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