Every month we have a special meeting with a member of the IsoHemp team.

Georges ...

It's a wonderful opportunity to go behind the scenes and meet the people who are making the construction industry considerably greener every day and who are making the IsoHemp hemp block a success.

Today, let's meet Georges, one of the very first workers at the IsoHemp factory. Georges joined IsoHemp at the very beginning of the adventure as a production operator, so he has been a witness and actor of the whole development of the company.

What does his job involve ? Having eyes everywhere in the factory and acting quickly.

In essence, he ensures the quality and smooth running of the entire production process, from the start of the line to the final clean-up at the end of the day, including meticulous monitoring.

Is something wrong ? Georges doesn't waste a minute in taking action to get it sorted out. Could he be called the factory's supervisory shadow ? In any case, it is undeniable that he occupies a strategic place in the smooth running of the factory and the production of hemp blocks. And when you talk to him about IsoHemp, what you can read between the lines is the passion he has for the company, the product and the team.

Passion and determination

It must be said that his integration into IsoHemp also marked the beginning of a new life, a new language and a new culture. For it was freshly arrived from Romania that he began his hemp adventure.

Not speaking a word of French, he is still very moved today that Jean-Baptiste and Olivier, the founders, gave him this chance.

But he earned this chance through the solid experience he had gained in Romania and undoubtedly through his will. In particular, his determination to learn French quickly.

Very quickly, he demanded to exchange English for French to communicate with the founders and his colleagues, because it was essential for him to master the language of his new land.

Action – response

When asked what makes him tick in his daily work life, he tells us that it is the combo of monitoring - solution that makes him happy.

Unlike his previous experience at the IsoHemp factory, if he notices a problem, it's up to him to act and find the solution.

Be organised and you'll enjoy your day

For him, being organised allows him to be well concentrated, always attentive, to intervene quickly if something happens and thus to avoid a chain of errors.

Being well organised also means being able to take a little time to breathe and therefore having a clear mind to perform his duties.

The anecdote

With so many days spent in the factory, Georges has plenty of stories to tell, but there is one that has particularly marked and touched him. "One day, following a minor accident, I burned my hand at home. Nothing serious, I could work without any problem, but there was one thing I couldn't do: tie my shoes. Olivier, my boss, used to do it for me. I'll never forget that, because it really touched me, it's a close-knit team”.

One word to describe IsoHemp

Tenacity !

Georges was able to observe the difficulties, at the beginning, of integrating this innovative product, the hemp block, in the construction sector. But above all, he witnessed the tenacity of the founders and the whole team to achieve the success of isoHemp as we know it today.

Personally, he never wanted to leave the ship, because he believed deeply in the product and in all the people around him.

And he was not wrong.

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