It is in Loupoigne, in the heart of the Walloon Brabant countryside, that this visionary project is located: Indrani Lodge, an old medieval farmhouse transformed into a hotel, in the midst of nature.

An ambitious project full of challenges: the buildings of this haven of peace are indeed listed and must therefore be preserved. The only technique that could be used to renovate the building while ensuring the preservation of the exterior facade was therefore inner insulation. It was then still necessary to find the best way to regulate humidity.

Which solution to insulate from the inside?

In addition to respecting the integrity of the facade, thus allowing it to keep its old-fashioned charm, renovating with hemp blocks has an undeniable advantage: efficient water regulation. Renovating from the inside indeed allows the optimization of the energetic dynamics of a building and prevents disorders inherent to hydric problems such as thermal bridges, condensation points or dew points from appearing. The warranty of an exceptional preservation of the old building. 

This way, the use of hempcrete blocks ensures a healthy indoor climate throughout the year, a bubble of comfort for the visitors who come to visit the place and enjoy a resourcing stay.

Nature and performance: hemp blocks, a solution without compromise

In addition to their thermal performance, hemp blocks offer the warranty of a 100% natural home. An important advantage that especially appealed to the owners, who share IsoHemp's values of well-being and respect for the environment:

"We are carrying out a project in which one of the main objectives is to reduce the carbon impact at all levels, so we asked ourselves: why not work on a short circuit? While searching, we came across IsoHemp quite naturally”.

Working on a short circuit, a habit that is now established at all levels in order to offer the best to their customers. This is particularly apparent in their restaurant business, where they use ingredients coming from local or organic agriculture. The collaboration with IsoHemp has enabled them to integrate these values into the very heart of their renovation and heritage preservation project.


Hemp blocks regulate the humidity thanks to their permeability to water vapour. They act as a water buffer and provide a constant and healthy indoor climate.


The structure of the hemp blocks makes them excellent acoustic insulators: they dampen and absorb noise.

Sound attenuation index: Rw from 37 to 45dB 

Sound absorption coefficient: 0.85

Amazing acoustic properties

For the owners, it was imperative to ensure a calm and quiet environment for visitors. The building envelope, made of hemp blocks, allowed them to attest to the remarkable sound quality of the product. When the question of partitioning the living spaces arose, the hemp block naturally emerged as the ideal material. An excellent means of perfecting the comfort of the building while preserving its natural character.


Discover this exceptional place in our video.

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