Justine and Charles have found their little corner of paradise in the garden city "Le Logis", located in Watermael-Boitsfort.

A haven of peace and nature not far from all the advantages of the city, and a love affair with a house full of charm.

No pain, no gain…

The house was in bad condition, poorly insulated. There was a raw feeling, a very bad thermal comfort.

Their challenge?

To breathe new life and provide optimum thermal and acoustic comfort in a listed house:

  • with the obligation to insulate small volumes from the inside
  • and the ban on installing dual glazing.

Hemp is always ready to take on any challenge.

To achieve this, they opted for 15 cm hemp block insulation. Do they regret not choosing a thinner conventional insulation with a higher lambda, which could have saved them space?

Absolutely not!

The few centimetres of interior space that they have dedicated to this renovation are largely compensated by the comfort they now feel in their daily lives. A thermal comfort that they would never have obtained by using conventional insulation. The hemp blocks regulate the temperature and create a pleasant indoor atmosphere at all times and in all seasons.

In addition to the thermal comfort they expect, hemp also provides excellent acoustic comfort, both for exterior and interior noise. And thanks to the numerous windows and the opening of the volumes, they were able to gain considerably in the impression of space.

Photo source: Gatien Baron

While preserving their environment

By choosing hemp, this bio-sourced and zero-carbon material for the insulation of their house, Justine and Charles have also chosen to comply with the nature in which they have settled.

Today, thanks to the combination of the performance of hemp and the magnificent work of Justine, the owner and also an architect with HESTIA architects, this house has become a real cocoon that reflects the tastes and needs of the couple.

A project so well executed that it was featured in the famous TV show "Une brique dans le ventre". Deciding to insulate your house from the inside with hemp blocks means turning a few centimetres into the comfort we all deserve.

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