Thanks to the Hempro IsoHemp System you can now build an entire building using only one natural insulating material : hempcrete blocks. For a homogenous construction that benefits from all the hemp qualities…

Reinforced concrete : perfect for low-energy construction

The Hempro IsoHemp construction system is a simple, fast, economical, customisable and reliable solution. 

It meets all your expectancies of modern housing with great opportunities. From a single-family home to a building fit for an eco-district, you can easily implement low-energy, very low-energy or passive constructions.

Simple and fast construction ; Natural product

There are many advantages of reinforced concrete

  • Homogenous wall
  • Customised construction : The Hempro System tackles many technical challenges and lets you implement any sort of project.
  • Time-saver at the building site  : working with only one insulating material that is large and does not weigh much and is quickly fitted. Interior and exterior finishing options can be directly applied to the masonry. 
  • Large room sizes for extra living space and large picture windows
  • Easy to construct : The base frame inserts into the insulation without a temporary frame
  • Healthy and natural product

The resulting load-bearing structure are : modern, economical and very cosy buildings ! 

Hempcrete block width according to the insulating performance you require 

The standard Hempro System wall is built using an IsoHemp hempcrete block with a width of 30 or 36 cm. Insulation can be further improved by adding a second layer of hempcrete blocks (6,9 , 12, 15, 20, 25, 30 or 36cm thick).

Find out which other construction systems you can use the hempcrete blocks with :

Construction with load-bearing blocks

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Construction with wood

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Every project is different …

Contact us to find out which solution would be most suitable for your building ! You can also access all information in our fact sheets. 

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