It is traditional to build using bearing masonry (concrete blocks, terracotta, aerated concrete…). Load-bearing masonry is more and more energy efficient thanks to the development of better performing products and the use of glued masonry. Nonetheless they must be doubled with a complementary insulator to achieve their high performances.

If you give the masonry a second layer using hempcrete blocks (ideally on the outer side) this allows you to create all-round insulation for the building that guarantees a truly sustainable and durable insulation : 
Adding a second wall made of hempcrete blocks (ideally on the outside) creates an all-round insulation for the building that will guarantee real sustainability for the insulation over time : no settling, nor decline in performance even after 10 or 20 years. 

Durable insulation with natural product

Hempcrete blocks used as insulation have many benefits

  • Complete thermal and acoustic insulation with great efficiency for guaranteed high living standard and an unparalleled durability
  • Thermal bridges are prevented at a floor level
  • You have a large choice of finishing options (plaster, cladding or solid brick)
  • Optimal protection for your building
  • Constant results over time
  • Easy to affix other elements into the insulation (e.g. lamp, downpipe, shutters ...)
  • Frames and doors can be directly set into hempcrete blocks
  • Heavy concrete blue stone thresholds can be directly set on the insulation

Hempcrete block insulation : perfect for low-energy constructions

This construction technique achieves very high energy efficiency, ranging from low-energy buildings to passive buildings without difficulties.

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Every project is different …

Contact us to find out which solution would be most suitable for your building ! You can also access all information in our fact sheets. 

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