As an architect, you play a key role in the choice of building materials ...

Concerned about your ecological footprint, you want to provide a high-performance solution to your clients' insulation problems?
Real green bricks, hemp blocks act as both a building and insulation material, simplifying the implementation process and adapting to each of your projects.

An insulating and moisture-regulating building material

Hemp blocks guarantee the success of your project thanks to their many advantages:

  • Thermal regulation
  • Water regulation
  • Acoustic insulation
  • Fire resistance
  • Ease of implementation
  • Wide choice of finishes: brick, plaster, cladding...

Those qualities make hemp blocks a suitable product for all your projects, both in renovation and new construction



An ecological material that stores carbon

Hemp block is the ultimate bio-sourced material. Each house built with Isohemp blocks can capture several tons of C02. The insulating properties of this material make it an essential ally for low-energy or passive houses, and it also proves to be very efficient for the renovation and insulation of existing buildings.

Become an ambassador for this evolution... and let's make the world of construction greener!

"I used the hemp blocks for the first time at the request of one of my customers. I discovered a product with interesting properties and easy to use. A very beautiful natural alternative to the products available on the market". David | Architect, Belgium

"A flagship product in the segment of bio-based materials" Bruno Deraedt | Bast Architecten & Engineers

Energy performances at the low energy and passive house level

Buildings made of hemp blocks make it very easy to realise low-energy, very low-energy and passive projects. Waterproofing details are simplified, regulation is improved and thermal comfort is always guaranteed.

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